Epicuria: Adventures That Really Cook!

NederveldEpi-fcsmallA narrative that includes some good food or a cookbook that includes a good story. Either way an extra set of senses are treated to something special.



Epicuria: Get it while it’s hot!

Good news! The third printing of Epicuria: Adventures That Really Cook! has arrived. So if you’re looking for that something unique, different, enjoyable or just plain good looking? Order your copy today. It can be purchased right (autographed) or Amazon, Barnes and Noble, order it from your favorite bookstore.   Enjoy!

Purchase Epicuria: Adventures that Really Cook!

Just few weeks left before Valentine's Day. There are probably a few of us out there that haven’t grasped the idea that Valentine's Day is coming up fast. Let me offer this bit of advice. A phone card from the local drugstore bought and Rose will not garner much appreciation from the one you love. Here is the answer. I still have a few copies of Epicuria: Adventures That Really Cook! that could be signed by the author and picked up here in Charlotte County before the big day arrives or if ordered promptly USPS to you anywhere in the country. You can order it here. Happy Valentine's Day!



Praise for Epicuria: Adventures That Really Cook!

Ever since reading Cross Creek Cookery by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, I have savored the mixture of recipe and story, and now I have feasted on a tasty second course: Epicuria: Adventures That Really Cook! by Court Nederveld. Whereas Rawlings uses an anecdotal format, Nederveld has concocted a delicious adventure in which his family’s recipes serve as the magic ingredients to deliver him from Epicuria, a realm in the neighborhood of Alice’s Wonderland. As a hero of unlikely kitchens, he tosses salads, bakes chicken, and whips up desserts to rescue unfortunates and beat villains. His quest is no half-baked fantasy, but rather a scrumptious metaphor for life. What else would I expect from a writer who bicycles 25 miles to eat Sunday breakfast at a cafe, established in 1929, in the historic town near my home–but that’s an appetizer for another book!
–Carol Mahler, author of Guy LaBree: Barefoot Artist of the Florida Seminoles and Adventures in the Charlotte Harbor Watershed

Intrigued? Get your copy today at  www.amazon.com, or  www.barnesandnoble.com

It was a very good day for four people here in Charlotte County. Yep, four copies of Epicuria: Adventures That Really Cook! went out today to replace fuzzy rabbit slippers as Christmas presents this year. To all those that are or will be reading the adventures of the traveler please log into Amazon.com, search for Epicuria and leave a comment about how you liked the story and the recipes. For those that are saying to themselves “maybe Epicuria would be better appreciated than a non stick frying pan” I have a couple of copies left. Let me know if you want one, surf over to www.myepicuria.com. Or you can get it at amazon.com or barnesandnobles.com

While I know that some of you are already wrapping that Peeing Santa Claus Drink Dispenser for that special someone, another incredibly erudite resident of our fine county purchased an autographed copy of Epicuria: Adventures that really Cook! as a unique and valued gift for this Christmas season. Get yours at www.myepicuria.com or if you are in the area, contact me.

The Book Release

The new book release and signing was May 18th at the Bean on 41 in Punta Gorda, FL. It was without question a great success. Lots of books sold and even residual sales for several days after. The local paper was there and spend about two hours interviewing and taking pictures as books were signed. Article should be out this coming Wednesday. I also has to order a second batch of books since I nearly sold out at the book signing. Hopefull they will arrive before the article hits the paper.

Epicuria: Adventures That Really Cook!

This is where adventure meets good eats. Intrigue leads to culinary delights and hints of romance denied are fullfilled by platters of gastronimic enchantment. The plot twists and turns, simplicity of challenge is prelude to complex solutions that only a kitchen can provide. Our hero, the “Traveler,” is tasked, tricked tormented and finally at the end of the story he….
Come on now, you really didn’t think you were going to get the last page here?

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